Welcome to NorthEast Kingdom Doodles!


Who are we at NEK Doodles?

Quality over quantity. The excellence that we provide with the care and genetic quality of our puppies is unparalleled by commercial breeders, or by folks who are just dabbling in dog breeding as a hobby. Ours dogs are part of our family, and because of this, we are very small scale. Our mission is to provide high quality developmental foundation for companion dogs, attending to excellence in both their nature and nurture. Our breeding dogs are the highest quality, chosen for their health (genetic testing and OFA joint certifications) and temperaments. Our breeding dogs are also our own pets, living with us in our home, receiving the training, attention, and socialization only possible from a small breeder like ourselves. 

Some of our pups have gone on to be service animals. All of our pups have been great additions to their adoptive families.

Full transparency and bonding from 0 to 8 weeks old with 24/7 Webcams for adoptive pup-parents get access to our 24/7 Webcam from the time their deposit is received on a particular litter. The cameras provide transparency about our puppy care, along with continuous opportunities to bond and to see how your pup and littermates grow and interact. This way you get to preview the puppies’ personalities and have clarity about your preferences by puppy pick day.

Another hallmark of our care is our consistent attention to the early nurture and conditioning of your puppy. We implement in positive behavioral conditioning in all of our interactions with each pup, familiarizing them with several commands by the time they are 8 weeks old. This experience prepares them to be responsive to directions, ready for learning well at their future homes. Each pup also undergoes early neurologocal stimulation exercises that foster resilience and guard against anxiousness.  

We are located in Vermont and upstate New York. Adoptive families often like to visit us and pick up their puppy in person, although we can often arrange delivery within driving range for a modest fee. We are a 5 hour drive from Manhattan or 3 hours from Boston.

Why Doodles?

Bernedoodles combine the energy, joyful exhuberance and cuddliness of a Bernese Mountain Dog, plus the intelligence, focus and reduced shedding that come from a poodle. Their markings are also a trait that sometimes set them apart from other doodles. Our F1 (first generation) Bernedoodles are from are usually black and white or tricolored with wavy coats. They usually have a facial blaize, white tail tips and white paws or underbellies. These beautiful, fluffy dogs are low shedding thanks to their poodle dads. This makes doodles highly desirable for people who may have allergies, or for those who don’t like the mess that comes with fur shedding. Our Bernedoodle pups typically weigh from 40 to 70 pounds full grown, depending on the parents. Our particular Bernedoodles often have a temperament that is quite trainable for service dog status.

Our Aussiedoodles have all the charm of Bernedoodles, but in a smaller package and for a more affordable price. We have chosen our Australian Shepherd Moms in part for their medium energy temperament, which is why these doodle puppies are about the same in personality as a mini-bernedoodle. Our Aussiedoodle pups have a quick intelligence, often enjoying puzzle toys or things that engage their mind. This also makes them quick to learn many training commands. Our Aussiedoodles weigh about 30 to 40 pounds full grown. In our opinion, they’re an ideally huggable size with a sturdy body and all the low-shedding benefits of an F1 doodle. Our AD pups are usually Merle or Black&White, but may come in a whole spectrum of colors at times.

We had such an amazing experience working with Northeast Kingdom Doodles. Having access to the live feed allowed us to see how well our aussiedoodle Olive was doing with her siblings. They provided frequent updates and videos and made it very easy to ask questions. It’s obvious how well cared for Olive was for her first 8 weeks as she is incredibly smart and calm. We were worried that she was going to have a hard time with all the noise in Brooklyn but she hardly bats an eye when the fire trucks drive by or when the doorbell rings. She loves attention has been so patient with everyone who wants to pet her, which is everyone because she is just that adorable. We were even surprised by how quickly she has settled into her crate. When it’s time to get Olive a sibling we are sure to return to NEK Doodles. 

Margaret K. Brooklyn, NY