Our Process

Psychological concepts of safety, exposure and consistency:

Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) is a process by which very young puppies gain permanent resilience through sensory exposure therapy while they simultaneously experience a safe nurturing environment. They are exposed to a mild stressor, then calmed by an attuned caregiver. This allows the young puppy to develop healthy tolerance for distress that lasts a lifetime.

Positive behavioral reinforcement with consistency across caregivers is also something we carefully practice with our pups from the earliest age. This begins building their neurological foundation for being submissively responsive to calm authoritative leadership in the future. When you secure a puppy from us, you will see on our webcam that even very young puppies can begin to learn prosocial behaviors such as sitting or refraining from demanding or jumping by the way in which we interact with them from the start. Vicarious learning from the successes of littermates is part of the value of starting this early in life.

We are also purposeful about giving our puppies additional exposure experiences that prepare them for a seamless developmental transition to the life they will have when they leave our care. Some of these experiences are only possible because we are intimately small.  With our sheltered size and focus, we are able to give our puppies some experience with becoming comfortable with a crate, wearing a harness, having time outdoors, and getting some practice walking on a leash. This way, puppies are a little familiar with these new experiences before they go to their furever homes.

We believe people should have a chance to get to know the puppies before making a furever choice. This is why we are committed to providing the opportunity to observe our pups on the webcam before making the final choice at 8 weeks old. By this time, future pup-parent(s) have gotten to see and sense things about the puppies and their personalities. We do not want people to be pressured to make a quick decision on a very young puppy, so we allow the full 8 weeks for future owners to make a more informed choice. 

Your deposit secures you a puppy in this current litter and access to the 24-7 webcam to begin watching and bonding with the puppies.  Pick premiums establish the order of choice on Puppy Pick Day.    Final puppy selection is made at 8 weeks old on Puppy Pick Day.  This may be done in person at our home, or virtually in cases where distance or other factors are an issue. Though we strongly encourage meeting your puppy in person before adopting, we’ve found that pup-parents have been consistently satisfied with either form of selection (in-person or virtual),  especially since the events of 2020. Our own intimate understanding of each puppy from nurturing them in our home helps to answer the questions that help each individual or family to make a choice that is right for them.  Still, you will have had much insight from getting to watch the puppies on the webcam.  You will have a good sense of who you are getting by the time they are 8 weeks old.

Because we are a very small operation with a limited number of high-quality puppies available, and because of our dedication to our puppy pick process, we only accept deposits on the current litter.  Further, such deposits are non-refundable since they secure a puppy to the exclusion of other serious potential parents. However, in extreme circumstances, we may allow a deposit to be deferred to a future litter solely at the breeder’s discretion, though such a future litter may not be guaranteed.