Our Dogs

Our breeding dogs are a part of our family. Each has a different and amazing personality. From a breeding standpoint, we have taken care that our dogs are of the highest quality in health and temperament. We have genetic panels completed on each of our dogs, and they are cleared for structural health of their hips and joints. Our mamas and papa are also our own pets, with the training and socialization only possible from a small breeder like ourselves.


Marco is a Moyen Poodle of exceptional disposition. Weighing in at about 30 pounds, he sires large mini Bernedoodles when mated to Echo, and is himself about the same size as our Aussie females. Marco is an amazing stud, having sired much of the breeding lines from Laurel Hills Poodles and Doodles before coming to us. Some of his puppies are even service dogs and others are in choice breeding lines since Marco passes on his gentleness, intelligence and teachability to his pups. Marco is a such kind and gentle guy who loves a good ear rub.  If you let him, he’d sneak onto your lap and you’d hardly know he’s there.  He’s delicate about everything… from taking a treat to playing with the other dogs to dancing around the kitchen the first time he sees you.


Echo is sheer joy on four legs!  Whatever she’s doing, she’s “all in!”  Yet she’d rather have a belly rub.  That’s her favorite thing. She is also smart and affectionate. “Echoes of Mercy” is her full AKC name, and it fits. Each of the puppies she has mothered have also been part of this legacy of “echoes.” She’s a big, beautiful dog with a heart to match. Echo’s hips and joints are certified “Good” by OFA. She also has beautiful conformation and structure according to the AKC Standard for Bernese Mountain Dogs.


Phoebe is so sweet that when you smile at her, she smiles back… with her whole body wagglin’! Phoebe is a loyal dog who just wants to be at your feet… even if you’ve only moved across the kitchen.  She’s always watching for ways to join us in whatever we’re doing. She has a cheerful disposition and a submissive desire to please.


Harlequin or Quin is a smart, inquisitive girl who loves to explore… if by “explore” you mean curl up on the couch with a stuffed toy!  But really, she loves to go to new places and do new things; always down for an adventure. That said, when she naps, she naps hard and sprawled out. This quirky, happy girl has matching love of fun and snuggles.