Our Holiday Package

A Puppy as a gift???

A Puppy for the holidays?

Puppies are baby creatures with the physical and emotional needs that infants and toddlers have for safety, consistency, rest and nurture in order to mature without toxic distress. For these reasons, it is not ideal to bring a puppy newly into your home during the busy and stimulating holiday season.  It is important to keep in mind that 8 week old puppies are also energetic and inquisitive, needing total supervision any time they are not in a toddler-proof environment. These young ones also need quiet rest times and consistency in training in order to develop properly.

When you are considering giving a puppy to someone as a gift, it is important that you consider whether the gift recipient is ready to commit to the real needs of a real puppy. Putting a puppy on a schedule with crate training in order to house break them and keep them safe takes time, energy and some planning. Puppies also need a lot of attention when they are young, and they need companionship across a lifetime, often lasting more than a decade, once they mature into dogs.

Here at NEK Doodles we are committed to the lifetime wellbeing of each of our animals. For this reason, our adoption contract is always with the end owner of the puppy, even when this person or family has received the pup as a gift. In our application process, we try to ensure that the home where each puppy will go is ready for the benefits, blessings and commitment of getting one of our precious doodle dogs.

Our Holiday Package

If you already know that the person to whom you want to give a gift is ready and wanting to be a furever home for a puppy, we have the best solution for both your gift needs and the puppy’s emotional needs:

We supply a Puppy Birth Certificate along with a Certificate for our exclusive WebCam Access. On the Birth Certificate, your loved one sees their puppy’s picture along with pictures of puppy’s parents. With the WebCam Access Certificate, they gain immediate access to watch their puppy and litter mates on the 24/7 Nursery Cam. They are able to watch their puppy develop and grow until it is time for puppy to go their furever home at 8 weeks old. 

With this package, Puppy is safe with litter mates and Mom to grow peacefully until after the busy holiday season.  

Puppy Training 101

A select number of puppies from each litter may enroll in Puppy Training 101

In this key training, at 8 weeks old, the puppy begins their crate training routine with us in their familiar environment, often along with 1 or 2 litter mates. We bear the stress of giving consistency with feeding, potty and crate times, comforting puppy through the first nights away from Mom. We continue with introducing and holding to foundational commands with tight consistency, preparing your puppy’s brain for good manners and following your lead when they come home with you. Puppy Training 101 covers the first challenging 3 to 5 days when your little one is ripe for learning while making big developmental adjustments. When you take advantage of our 101 course, your first experiences with puppy at your home can be a joyful bonding time since we do the initial work of establishing potty training and sleep/rest routines. Puppy Training 101 is $800 plus 6% Vermont sales tax. 

For Millie’s current litter, 3 puppies will be eligible to enroll on a first come, first serve basis. The training will occur from Tuesday, January 24 through Saturday, January 28, 2023. 

To purchase our Holiday Package, please click here to complete the Adoption Application. You may also want to view our Current Litters and Upcoming Litters pages.